Cine to HD High Definition 8mm & 16mm film

HD (High Definition 1080p) transfer of your 16mm, Super 8 or Standard 8 on to digital 1080p files to watch, edit and enjoy. All transfers are digitally enhanced to make your films more vibrant, clearer and brighter.

How are the HD Cine Transfers Supplied?

The High Definition files are supplied on a USB Hard drive which you would supply us with your film.

What HD Files do you Supply?

The files are supplied by default as QuickTime ProRes 422 1080p Progressive. Please make sure your system is compatible with these types of files. You can download a very short HD file here to check compatibility.

We can also supply Mp4 files which are more compressed and suitable for many of the new media players found in Televisions, DVD players and game consoles.

To maintain image quality we recommend you have the full size files rather than a smaller alternative. You can easily modify the files with your own editing software to create your own alternative file formats for a number of other applications.

The actual frame size will be 1080x1920 and your cine film frame will be centred iside the actual HD frame. Remember HD formats are 16:9 rectangular in shape whilst your cine film is 4:3, square in shape.

This results in having black bars at the left and right sides of the screen image.

Filling the frame would either result in a sqeezed image or a cropped image. Using this method allows the full captured cine frame to be shown in acordance with the ratio of the high definition frame.
A very short 10 second HD sample file can be downloaded here.

HD Cine Transfer Prices

  • Costs for High Definition 8mm / 16mm cine movie transfer are

    Our cine to HD transfers are charged at 30% more than our standard cine transfer pricing or £30.00 which ever is the greater to cover the additional transfer time.

  • Cine Film HD (High Definition) Conversion Optional extras-

    If you would also like your transfer your film to a regular DVD at the same time please add 25% of the transfer cost or £30.00 which ever is the greater to cover the additional format.

    Return Post & Packing at cost, Royal Mail Recorded or Special delivery

    Please note that we only charge for the actual length of film not the reel size

    HD Cine Transfer - How it's done

    Each film is transferred by a triple CCD high definition (HD), recording 1080 picture lines. This is then transferred to a computer as a digital file where it is reviewed and enhanced. The high definition film capture enables us to capture each film at its optimum quality. We remove any blank sections from your home movies, add music and titles if desired and output to the high definition 1080p file(s). Our cine to HD service produces excellent results and there is no flicker or centre hotspot with our cine processing method even on very old 16mm 16 frames per second film.

    If necessary, speed adjustment, colour correction and film grading is undertaken during the enhancement stage. This is free of charge and ensures a quality restoration of colour balance for your films.

    Are There Any Disadvantages to HD Transfer?

    The physical file size is much larger approx 6.25GB for 10mins worth of footage compared to 2.28GB for the same running time with standard def files. Film imperfections will be magnified via a HD transfer. Film grain will be more noticeable.

A Fast Quality High Definition Cine Transfer Service

As all our film transfers are done in house the average turn-a-round is 5 to 8 working days. We also offer a Same Day service too.

Other Cine Transfer Applications

Many playback devices today have the facility to playback media files. Your television may have it's own built in media player so your films can be stored and played back via hard drive, SD card or USB memory sticks.

Using your own editing software you'll be able to create files suitable for upload onto the internet. Many social networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube allow media files to be uploaded too. This will allow you to share your cine film with friends and family easily in differnt parts of the world.

Why Choose Us For Cine Film Transfer?